The Crocodile River

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The Crocodile River


From the One Man's Journey series
by Robert Perkins
color,56 min, 1993

The Crocodile River explores how crossing international borders and emotional boundaries enables two people of vastly different cultures - one American and one African - to find common ground. The film begins when Perkins embarks on a ten-week exploration of the Limpopo River in southern Africa with Bonus Lunga, a Zimbabwean man who had never left his small village on the shores of Lake Cariba. Perkins' initial goal is to investigate the Africa behind the headlines, but he soon finds himself challenging his own assumptions and stereotypes about Africans. Both travelers come to unique discoveries about the river, its region, its people and each other. The result is a remarkable tale of friendship and the discovery of joy, resilience, and human connection amidst political and economic suffering.

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Film Festivals, Screenings, Awards

  • Best of Festival, Waterwalker Film Festival, Toronto, 2004
  • broadcast, PBS, January, 2005
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 2006 
  • Moondance Film Festival, Colorado, 2005 
  • New England Film & Video Festival, Boston, MA, 2005
  • Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT, 2005 
  • Black Earth Film Festival, Galesburg, IL, 2005 
  • Best in Field Research, The Explorer's Club Documentary Film Festival, New York, NY, 2006 
  • African Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 2005