Into the Great Solitude

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Into the Great Solitude


From the One Man's Journey series
by Robert Perkins
color, 56 min, 1993

Winner of many major awards, his best-known work provides a captivating look at Perkins as a young man willing to take on the challenges of the Canadian Arctic on a long solo canoe trip. Battling rapids and black flies, while dancing with his own demons and his shadow, Perkins explores what it means to survive in the stark beauty of the Canadian tundra. Perkins not only takes on arduous physical challenges, but he lyrically describes in film and language how the journey helps him make peace with a difficult father.

"Robert Perkins has pushed the envelope of the documentary/essay film, creating works that are both searingly honest and engagingly personable." — Phillip Lopate, Filmmaker

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About the One Man's Journey Series

One Man's Journey is a three-part series featuring naturalist/explorer/filmmaker Robert Perkins paddling his canoe through his personal and geographic journeys. All three films were broadcast on WGBH in the winter of 2005.

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