Jon Galassi


21”x28” lithograph with monotype variations
Printed at Derriere L’toile Studio. Price and more images on request


I want to get at the knot,
the white heat at the heart
of you, want to undo it,
the clot, the lock, the hot
rock, knock it back
so it opens to flood
and flow, for I know
great good will come of it.
Not that I get
all that high hitting home
(I can't, I don't, and I won't)
but up above where you sit
and the sun beats in your armpit,
I feel and love it,
Inhale and swoon
With the smell, I fell.
I flee, I lie, I try to fly,
But know it's not,
No, it's not on, What I've got
's not a lot of excitement,
not the loud
shout or tight shot,
but not nothing either,
my bright fuchsia lover;
together, whatever, I'm over-
spent, undersold,
blown, bent low
by your absolute predicate
weather, whether
you know it or not...