J. D. McClatchy

21”x28” lithograph with monotype variations
Printed at Derriere L’toile Studio. Price and more images on request

When Sandy heard I lived near Zion Park in Utah, he said, “I’ve been there. I’ll give you what I wrote about Angels Landing.” His beautiful image is enhanced if you’ve stood on top of this 5,700 foot high pinnacle watching the sun go down in summer surrounded by swallows. Several times, I’ve had the pleasure of mounting all fifty of the images together; seeing my zoom of swallows fly together. 

I used cut and deckled paper to create the image of the swallow, made multiple ones. The thickness of the paper left an “edge” on the print making the swallows appear to be collages, giving them depth. I could ink the torn paper a different colour than the background, or leave the “ghost” of one swallow and print a new one by running the paper through the press again. The possibilities were limitless, as is the view from the top of Angel’s Landing. 

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